The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
Project name: “The Game of Creating a Social Enterprise for Youth”
Social enterprises nowadays is a way how to reduce the possibility of youth being unemployed and socially vulnerable. Our project "The Game of Creating a Social Enterprise" was created to motivate and to teach practical skills to 40 young adults that would help in overcoming these obstacles.


We formed 4 study groups attended by 40 participants. Duration of a training course was 80 hours. The participants took part in two experience-sharing activities. All participants were interviewed at the initial stage and at the conclusion of the project; the total duration of discussions was 164 hours.  Two workshops where organized to inform the public and information about the project and its results have been disseminated in the media.


Financial, institutional and political sustainability of the project results is ensured by wide range of possibilities to find a suitable local or international Call for proposals to finance a social enterprise, intellectual capacity of BAF and its partners, availability of information about social entrepreneurship and EU policy to promote the social entrepreneurship.


By participating in various experience exchange events many participants of the project expressed their willingness to join non governmental organizations or to do volunteering jobs. As well, many of the young adults who participated in the project have improved their self-esteem thanks to our invidual approach and other methods included in the project.

The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
Project name: “The Game of Creating a Social Enterprise for Youth”
Aim of the project: to provide innovative preventive activities in order to reduce the risk of social exclusion and poverty of youth by educational game of creating social enterprises and organizing exchange of experience to socially responsible enterprises.
Target group: 40 young people, aged 18 to 25.
Place: Riga, Kr.Valdemara street 38, 306-1.
Main activities:
·         Individual discussions with the target group participants with the aim to discover talents, skills and abilities of youth and help them set individual targets in professional field;
·         The Game of Creating a Social Enterprise – practical training of making social enterprises for development of entrepreneurship skills and social skills and abilities and facilitation of creative potential of youth;
·         Exchange of experience – the youth will get introduced with socially responsible enterprises in different sectors and their working environment in order to demonstrate the positive example from real enterprises;
·         Publicity – informative seminars and publications about the project and its outcomes in BAF webpage and social networks.

Defined skills, talents, and aims of the youth, getting acquainted with the environment of entrepreneurship.


Project implementation period: 01.08.2013. - 07.31.2014.


The project co-financed: 12 644.58 LVL  or  € 17 991.62

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